Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Office Scavenger Hunt

Well.. Kinda...
I went around my office, to each space and found something weird or interesting to share. Whether each of these things mean something about that person's space - I will not tell.

What is this? NO ONE KNOWS....
First lets take a look at the closet we call a kitchen. It used to be a janitor's closet and we somehow managed to insert a water cooler, a full size fridge, a sink and side counter, mountains of soda boxes, a microwave, and a wall mounted phone server thingy.

Next we have the Receptionist's Desk.

Then Jeani's Office.                                    Then Troy's Office. He A Boss.
She's the Boss-Lady.                  
That's Dude. He's a giant.
Why yes, that is a bull testicle.

Then Jackie. Another Boss.                        Next is Nick. My Space-Mate.
That's our 'motto' in the background.
I never asked....

Then Me.                                                  Danny. Yet another Boss.
...but of course.
Was either this or his SI Calendar. 

Craig. Another Boss.                                Darrell. Project Manager.
M&M playing Sax in the back.
Trying to kick a diff. habit??

Joe. All Around Computer Guru.               Corey. He's away from his desk.
Dusty much?
Been there a few weeks.

Tiffany. Jill of all Trades.                         Buck. He's leaving soon.
Smile! {There's candy inside}
It WAS a Speckled Trout.

JD. He's Abroad.                                   Nichole. Corey is here right now. 
I'm jealous of his sunlight.
She's on Maternity Leave. Nuff said.

Brittani.  {Sniff Sniff}                     Scanner Room. Or as I like to call it - 
                                                                             Where things go to die.
She's telecommuting from New Mexico.
Do you see the scanner?
Conference Room. 
Giant Plasma TV. Check.
Did you see that all my bosses are MEN!

What can you find interesting around your office? 
Play along. It will be fun.                        


  1. i think that shaker is popcorn flavor...must be from the days when popcorn was allowed in the office : ) love those little dolls on sandy's desk. never knew what that was in troys office. oh how miss you all. i'd love to give you a tour of my office....i use my words... embrodery thread on the wall, closet overflowing with projects, book case w/ half crafts and half architecture, bon voyage poster from sla on the wall, folding table for a desk, and a lovely window to the outside...but i have to stand to see out of it. love the post today. awesome!

  2. this was so fun to read! wish i had an office to photograph! great little ethnography project :) - From Melissa @ThePoopOfOthers (I'm not allowed to comment using my URL because it contains "illegal characters" - yikes!)

  3. I missed this post somehow! I must have been hurling. I will soooo play along tomorrow!

  4. From Boss Man: What is the comment about all men bosses?!?!

  5. What a fun round-up of office randomness! Love your shoe tape dispenser! Ummm...who would have though a bull testie could be re-purposed in such a way?!?!?

    Just hoped over from the FTLOB Sunday "top post" hop to say hi-ya!

    xx Cat brideblu

  6. How fun!! Visiting from for the love of blogs fun post. I love your tape dispenser. Amazing.