Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thirsty Thursday & Good Morning Randomness

Tasty Tuesday   {What's WRONG with me? I posted this first}


I have discovered new flavor {love} at Sonic.  Well, I didn't have this fabulous idea myself.  My mouth watered as I heard Julie {at} Joy's Hope talking about it.  Everyone should know that she's the FIRST BLOG I EVER READ.  Special big puffy {heat} for her.

What is this flavor?!? Are you wriggling with anticipation?

Borrowed from HERE
It's a Diet {yes} Strawberry Cranberry Limeaide. Joy gets a slush, but they give me brain freeze.

Some randomness.

I am a total Big Ole' Gleek. I am counting down the days for when Brittani and I make a trip to Indiana to see them on tour.  She's coming from Clovis, NM to Wichita Falls, Tx {to get me and drop off some work} then we are headed out! Why, when gas is $500/gal, you ask? Because we are THAT dedicated. Really, we planned this before gas prices went TOTALLY ridiculous. We are committed to it now, not that I would EVER back out!!   SO excited that I bought us prezzies for the show. I bought her THIS and me THIS.  I can't put actual pictures because she doesn't know that it is... and well... although I am crap at keeping surprises, I'm trying SO hard.
Serious Glee Thoughts. I just watched last weeks Glee. {Thank my Goodness for DVR when you have a baby}. I was uplifted to see some serious topics covered {the beginning of this season was a little shaky for me in the 'subject matter" area}.  I felt a little less crazy and alone in my own postpartum issues. Thank you Glee for making me feel not alone in this universe.

On that note,
Here's a little Glee Eye Candy.
No to overshadow Hottie Hubs, of course.

Another random.
When you are sitting at a red light and another car goes shooting through... Do you ever have a second where you question what Red means and what Green means and what color you are ACTUALLY looking at? Like maybe you are the one who's not doing the right thing?
Maybe I just needed some coffee on the drive to work?


  1. On the last random:
    YEs. That happens to me too!!

    Strawbery Cranberry Limeaide? I wish I could find that in Spain!

  2. ahhh, you are so mean. i totally clicked the link to see my gift.. then closed it really fast. now i have to be strong. i can't wait either. road trip food. hours of quality time.... hours and hours and hours. your fabulous flavor kinda makes my teeth hurt...but i think we should add it to our list for the trip. i do often wonder if i'm outta my mind. but just for a sec. i'm glad glee had a meaningful episode again. oh how i love being a gleek!

  3. I LOOOVVEEEE sonic's slushes! We have none around here and it SUCKS because I can't get my slush fill - 7-11 slurpees just won't do!